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Marisa is a speaker and educator on the topic of Inclusion, Liberation, and Belonging

 and applies her unique perspective to bring added integrity to your team and your company.


For creators and writers with material that deals with a variety of different and distinct issues and characters,

Marisa works to ensure their story is told in an honest and authentic way.

This allows the story to soar without restricting or alienating potential producers, collaborators, and viewers. 



A Diversity Editor expands the lens through which your story is told so that it includes the unique perspectives of the characters you've worked so hard to imagine and build throughout your script, 

particularly, characters from historically excluded groups.


Marisa coordinates on the ground floor at various stages of production to ensure retention of creative authenticity surrounding diversity in the story.

She acts as a liaison between teams and networks, especially where artists and team members of the global majority are concerned.

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Problematic practices negatively affect employees and clients as well as the product.

Marisa works with executives and producers to ensure authentic practices at the leadership level by examining the unique culture within the institution, pinpointing problematic areas,

and expanding upon the positive constructs.

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Script Editor

Marisa is available to provide coverage through the lens of a diversity editor

for creators who are working on material with

Black, LGBTQIA+, fat, disability/disabled, woman, and other culturally marginal

issues and characters.



Marisa can consult with your team at any point during the creative process. 

Along with aiding writers during development, she assists directors on set, provides feedback in the editing room, and consults with casting directors, agencies, and marketing teams

where diverse material is concerned.


More offerings

  • Marisa creates assessments and training tools catered to your organization by looking at data from an inclusion perspective.

  • She leads learning sessions for production teams and executives to illuminate biases and examine how racism and prejudice manifest in creative spaces.

  • Marisa works with your leadership to develop structures and programs that support the access and growth of Black artists and creatives from historically excluded groups.

Additionally, Marisa is a Judgment Index Agent and is trained and authorized to interpret assessment results for individuals, teams, and companies.

This Cultural Audit can provide insight in the following areas:

  • Compatibility within teams

  • Whether leadership is aligned around judgment

  • Creating new teams with intentionality

  • Illuminating and leaning into employee strengths

  • Using results to create the path of fullest potential

Click here to read Marisa's interview with Final Draft all about The Diversity Editor LLC.



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Ben Gouldthorpe

Writer, Monument

If you're willing to admit that you have blind spots and genuinely care how you present characters who don't come from your same walk of life, Marisa can help with sensitive insights and honest, constructive feedback. 


All in all, she's a sincere collaborator eagerly fighting the good fight

to elevate awareness. 

It's been a pleasure to work with her on Monument,

and I look forward to having her in our corner for projects down the road.

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Millie Torchetti

Creator, Single Rules

Marisa worked as my co-writer for the first three episodes of my digital series, Single Rules,

and then she stayed on my team

as a consultant and Diversity Editor.

I can say with absolute confidence that Marisa is an asset to any team that is lucky enough

to have her.

As a co-writer, she brought pitch alternatives and solutions to the room, always unafraid of sharing

a different perspective.

As a diversity editor, Marisa's input was invaluable in keeping my jokes smart and tasteful, while writing for a group of characters from various backgrounds, many different than my own. She made sure I navigated the line between funny and inappropriate successfully, while staying true to my voice. In fact, Marisa championed my voice and the stories I wanted to tell,

and gave me thoughtful and detailed notes that enhanced my writing.

I'm eternally thankful for the work she helped me produce and can't wait to bring her on

for future projects.

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Vanessa King

Producer, Two Roads

Marisa Kennedy is a talented screenwriter with actor training which amplifies her ability to edit story and craft character in ways most screenwriters cannot.


As a Black woman with social justice background, she is able to share her background, first hand experience and learned knowledge in screenwriting, which makes her an incredibly effective story consultant who can consult on the rewriting of stereotypically-written characters, with the end result being a screenplay with representative inclusive arcs and dynamic, elevated works of well-structured story.



The stories we tell influence how we see ourselves, how we view others, how we determine what and who holds value, and establish who we become as individuals and as a society.


I challenge the practices and standards in our creative spaces, the institutions that support them, and the people who hold power within these structures to transform them from inaccessible to Black people and marginalized groups into spaces that welcome and elevate the voices of the most historically excluded in our communities. Coming from the perspective that the stories we tell shape the society we live in, I aim to guide and help foster the creation of stories with an eye on authenticity as well as diversifying character perspectives. Additionally, taking care to adjust the leadership lens through which these stories are told by ensuring creators of the global majority are present and have agency within the team.


It is necessary to rebalance the divide in America and to counter the narrative and reality of the history of suffering of oppressed groups by creating accessible stories full of authentic representations that are free from harmful stereotypes. My focus is on integrating all aspects of the creative process and the artists who work within it so they are safe and free to tell courageous, veritable stories.


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Marisa Kennedy is a screenwriter, an educator, an advocate for social justice, and a certified reiki practitioner who aims to heal, rebalance, and elevate Black and other historically excluded voices in all of her work.


A member of both SAG and Actor's Equity, Marisa has performed on Broadway (MATILDA at the Shubert Theatre), she has been seen on television in shows such as MR. ROBOT (USA), and she is the voice of Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island on the popular animated series, Pokémon.

As an educator, Marisa has taught for Lincoln Center Education, The Joffrey Ballet School, and Broadway Classroom to name a few. In 2016, Marisa was named Music For Autism's Spotlight Artist for spearheading concerts for autistic children in the New York City area.

She is currently pursuing her Master's in Social Justice and Community Organizing from Prescott College.

Kennedy is the co-writer of an acclaimed web series pilot which has screened more than a dozen film festivals and she has two pilots in development: MAYA JANE and THE MIRRORED BRIDGE. She currently consults for HBO.

She was featured in FORBES in May 2019 for her work with Final Draft on their Diversity and Inclusion software launched in the same month.


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